COVID-19 Update - April 21

To all FI Orthodontics Patients,

As time goes by and the pandemic has escalated, we must face an extension of the time the dental offices have to be closed. The government has extended the emergency period beyond our expectations so our plans door re-opening on April 6 and now on May 6 are not a possibility anymore and it is very likely that this period of time will be extended again given the circumstances.
The mandate from the government and the health regulators is still the same and we cannot see anybody unless it is for an emergency which meaning has been determined by the Royal College of Dental Surgeon of Ontario (which we have to follow):

“What is a “true emergency situation”?
In dentistry, a “true emergency situation” includes oral-facial trauma, significant infection, prolonged bleeding or pain which cannot be managed by over-the-counter medications.

How should emergency cases be managed?
First, emergency cases should be managed via telephone by taking a verbal history of the patient’s condition and providing appropriate pharmacotherapy if indicated.
In those few cases where telephone management is insufficient, clinical assessment may be necessary provided the dental practice has appropriate safety precautions and PPE in place”.

PPE means Personal Protective Equipment.

This mandate is still in place and we don’t know when the restrictions are going to be lifted, allowing us to re-open our offices.

At his point, all we can do is ask for your patience as the circumstances develop. As we stated before, the health, safety, and wellbeing of our patients, staff, doctors and our community is our top priority.

We are available through phone and/or email to help with your concerns and rest assured that as soon as we open, we’ll do our best to bring everybody back to the expected plans and results.

In the meantime we have to encourage you to keep extremely good cleaning habits, the risk for cavities and gum problems is always around and without the ability to see you directly in the office, you are the only one who can maintain the cleanliness to avoid additional problems.

Dr. Inocencio and Staff